Sep 1, 2011

Zarathustra returns, and speaks to a young man

My brother,

Be watchful that you don't lose your step. I see you struggling to find a way to harmonise your love of idealism, with harmony with the world. But it cannot be done!

You suffer greatly because you are caught between the two: wisdom and worldliness. You want to help others, but you also want to be seen as a helper.

You have lofty visions and high-aiming ideals, but you relish also the taste of victory and conquering and supremity. Which one will win in you?

Your idealism and love for high-aiming ideals makes you jealous of your goal. But you are also jealous in another way: that your ideals might cause you to crumble into weakness and failure. This is the war within you, that you distrust your highest hope.

Be watchful that you don't lose your step. Your struggle is filled with suffering, because your love for truth is still a desire for worldly power and praise. My brother, you must choose.

I see that suffering is an evil to you: thus you wish to speak softly and mildly, with the compassion of a just God. You believe that to arouse to anger is a harmful act.

But if speaking plainly and truthfully your own simple thoughts causes others to fly into a rage, then you are not speaking to your own kind!

It isn't your lot to speak to buzzing and angry flies and wasps. Don't misjudge yourself: climb higher, above suffering, so that you fear suffering no longer.

Yes, speak of love if you must, but speak to your own kind, and speak of love of truth!

Don't seek the love and praise of followers and kinsmen; if you would be a friend, then be their enemy, dowsing them with basins-full of ice-cold sea-water!

Climb higher, my brother! I see you suffering with your need for companionship. But make reason and your wise thoughts your only friend, for they lead you surely to your goal.

Watch that you do not slip, with your jealousy and hate. These companions follow from your burning idealism; they are but shadows of a need for worldly success.

Flee into your solitude, my brother. Find truer companions in your reason and your wise thoughts. Watch that you do not slip, my dear brother.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.