Jul 8, 2012

Bodhicitta: The uncompromising aspiration to perfection

Without bodhicitta, and without complete faith in the ability of reason to carry one beyond this world, there will be continued striving for ego security.  Without bodichitta, no matter how great one's mental attainments and knowledge of Reality, a portion of the ego, the core, will remain fixed.  Great happiness, even Nirvana may ultimately be experienced, but the long-term consequences are horrible to contemplate, because each and every action of one who lacks bodhicitta is tainted with a solid and unchallenged faith in the very core of the ego.

One with bodhicitta may inititally try to save himself, but reason soon gets the better of him, and will push him relentlessly onwards, into the arms of the Infinite.

--- Kevin Solway, Poison for the Heart